NAH-NU X Design Centre.


Design Centre has been at the epicentre of the ever-changing Irish fashion landscape for the past thirty years. We have always aspired to amalgamate a fashion array that is unique and unlike any other Irish retailer. As fashion changes, naturally, we gravitate in a new direction too.

The latest addition to our fashion collection is a contemporary Eastern European label entitled NAH-NU. NAH-NU is an independent and emerging fashion design atelier that come to be through the vivacious Polish fashion designer, Katarzyna Skorek.

NAH-NU’s founder, Katarzyna Skorak once said ‘While creating the costumes I do not think about them as clothes, but I treat them like the objects within. I put modern contemporary art together with inspiration from travels to different corners of the world’. NAH-NU’s contemporary vision is to create revolutionary fashion designs with minimalistic fabrics and intriguing asymmetric details to flatter the feminine form on an international level.

We are so excited to have NAH-NU as part of our eclectic array of designer wear. Pop into us on the top floor of Powerscourt Townhouse Centre for more details on our latest collection.


-Design Centre Team

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