Making Dreams Come True.

We were so delighted to have Rebecca McCann in with us to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day which took place today, 21st March 2019. 10 year old Rebecca is a vivacious, aspiring fashionista who we had the pleasure of meeting and witnessing her undeniable passion for fashion.

We teamed up with the Down Syndrome Centre as part of this year’s ‘I Could Be’ campaign. ‘I Could Be’ aims to promote the message that while people with Down Syndrome need additional supports, they have innate qualities, talents and skills as well as unique world perspectives that contribute to a chosen profession.

Rebecca absolutely brightened up our store with her palpable enthusiasm for the world of design. We gave Rebecca a tour of our space, showcasing all of our fabulous Irish designers as well as showing Rebecca our design room where we created our many of our exclusive clothing labels.

At the end of her day with us, we presented Rebecca with an Aoife Harrison pink feather headband as well as a professional Synan O’Mahony fashion sketch of one of our real-life dress to remember us by. We absolutely can’t wait for Rebecca’s first fashion collection and would love to take part again in this very important cause.


-Design Centre Team.

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