Debs season

Our dresses are absolutely perfect for the Debs that nobody else will have on the night. We at Design Centre know the struggle of finding that absolutely exquisite debs dress at this time of year. Our team is focused on providing our loyal customers with the utmost quality experience in our store. We are here [...]

Ladies Day Giveaway

Ladies day at the races race day prize fashion giveaway worth 499 euro, Tricotine french label flair delicated short sleeve lilac dress with obe bow lilac belt v-neck line lilac large disc base hat with floral detailing

First Insta Giveaway Our first ever Instagram giveaway went live earlier this week, exclusively for our @DesignCentre followers. We organised this to celebrate the upcoming Galway Races which is the most anticipated Irish racing and fashion event of the summer. We wanted to treat one of our loyal customers to a 'Ladies Day' designer dress [...]

Image Boutique Awards 2018

Our Design Centre boutique been nominated! Design Centre is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been nominated in this year’s Image Boutique Awards 2018. We have been nominated in the category, ‘Best Irish Label Offering’. Image Magazine are seeking  the best of Irish boutiques that support indigenous craftsmanship. Our team are delighted to announce that [...]

Summer wedding vibes

When the sun finally shines on this Emerald Isle after months of unrelenting rainy days and dreary weather forecasts. There is truly nothing like an Irish summer wedding. Especially when you’re lucky enough to be getting wedding guest glam for that upcoming wedding! We at the Design Centre have put together some of our favourite [...]